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Confident Music has released a few albums through the years. Some more are up ahead. Confident Music album releases:

A new release of Swedish Opera classics! Confident music is proud to present a comprehensive collection of classic Swedish Opera of the finest variety in the form of a 3 CD / CD-ROM album featuring the music of Gunnar Wennerberg. This collection includes "Gluntarne" and, for the first time ever, "De Tre". There's also a CD-ROM containing all the lyrics to both recordings as well as the original authors introduction and much more!

Gluntarne was written around 1850 and is comprised of 30 songs based upon the adventures of two students, Magistern and Glunten, from Uppsala, Sweden. De Tre is comprised of 10 songs for 3 voices. The stories in these songs are also from Uppsala but are not related to Gluntarne.

The artists involved in this project come from the very highest levels of the Swedish Opera music tradition and have years of international experience, expertise and credentials that make this a very distinctive project.

Björn Asker - Baritone Sten Wahlund - Bass Gustav Asplund - Piano Lars Cleveman - Tenor (appears only on "De Tre") Sound samples from “Gluntarne”:

Attlerud Band Musicians:

Erik Bernholm - Guitar
Pär Claesson - Drums
Jan Hellman - Bass, Chapman Stick
Morgan Norell - Keyboards
Danne Attlerud - Vocals

Debut album "Tankarna"
Possibly a candidate for "most time taken to complete a recording". The album began in a small project studio in our spare time. After several interruptions, name and member changes, and losses of creative impulse, the project found it's way to Confident Music's recording studio where it finally came to life.

Now with the expert help of Jan Hellman, the production skills of Erik Bernholm and the support of many good friends, is the album complete! the Attlerud Band would like to thank the following people for their invaluable contributions:

Nana, Mia, Tina, Lisa, Noemi, Magnus, Nils, Roger, Mats......
And many more! Sound samples from “Tankarna”.